The baby sleeping taboo: To cosleep or not cosleep?

Cosleeping is such a taboo subject here in New Zealand. Partly due to scary newspaper articles relating to infant deaths and cosleeping and partly due to healthcare professionals and their responsibilities to reinforce safe sleeping to prevent SIDS.. "own bed, own space, no blanket". Yes, that is true that SIDS has been caused by bedsharing, cosleeping etc but lots of authors forget to note the fact that usually in these circumstances, parents are either smokers or have been drinking or have not been cosleeping/bedsharing safely.

Let's face it, there are A LOT of new parents out there who are so so tired and have fallen asleep with their infants in bed with them or ones who would prefer cosleeping due to fatique or post c section. It doesn't matter what their rationale is, what matters is how little support they have and how much they are judged or are scared of being judged but who needs all that when they are new parents just wanting some support?

I am not advocating for cosleeping or not cosleeping and I am not against either. For me, it is about parenthood and supporting parents. I believe cosleeping has its benefits, it promotes breastfeeding and bonding between mother and baby and father and baby and bonus, everyone gets sleep. I think there are so so much information out there on why parents should NOT cosleep, so how about we look at some articles on all the reasons why parents SHOULD cosleep - then you as a parent,make that decision for yourself.. an informed decision, not one based on what others tell you. Remember, doing it SAFELY is the key.  Providing your baby has his/her own space in bed that is safe to sleep in that is smoke free/alcohol free/ drugs free is one of the most important things to remember about cosleeping in my opinion.

I have found some articles which I found were very informative and as you can see, this issue has been going on for more than just the last few years.  Should our baby sleeping with us be a 'no no'?  Are we restricting their emotional needs and wants since the only people who they need and trust are their parents? 

1) Cosleeping and biological imperatives: why human babies do not and should not sleep alone?

2) Sharing sleep with babies: the benefits of safe night time slumbers

3) How parents can benefit from cosleeping.

4) Need VS Habit

Let me know what you think. Just remember, this is only for you to decide when it comes to your child. Just do it safely and enjoy because it won't last!


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