Why Wool?

This topic is one of the topics that I SERIOUSLY stand for. WOOL.

New Zealand is full of sheep farms and we are so well known for our farming and agriculture industry so why not make use of what is available to us for OUR future little kiwis. Not only, is it helping out our farmers and our country's economic, we are giving our babies the very best start to life.

Benefits of wool:

1) Thermoregulation
Simply put: cooling in Summer and warm in winter. Sheep only have their wool to protect them from the heat in Summer and from the coldness in Winter, apparently wool can tolerate from really low level freezing temperature up to something like 80 degrees! Being able to regulate heat well makes wool an ideal product for babies as it will not cause overheating which is one of the causes of SIDS.

2) Breathability
No moisture retention over here girlfriends! Wool is a breathable fibre, making sleep that much more comfortable, not to mention keeping the moulds away from your bedding. Take this for example, before we started using wool, whenever our daughter would drool on her mattress, we didn't think anything of it and just let it "dry" - until one day we looked at the mattress properly and there is mould spots around her face area where she sleeps on. Ummm Good BYE polyester! Needless to say - that mattress was in the bin straight away.

3) Ohhh - soo natural!!!
In this world and age, everything is apparently either 'carcinogenic', toxic or just 'bad' for you in some ways or the other. We rely on synthetic man made materials so much that we do not realise what nature already has what we are looking for. Wool shearing is not harmful to sheep and the processing of the wool itself, impacts very little to the environment compared to many man-made fibers. Let's save the world! If that doesn't convince you, well think about all the toxins used in man-made fibers such as polyester which is what most beddings are made of - and think about the impact on the environment. Now if it has such an impact on the environment, what impact do you think it has on our little precious bundle sleeping on polyester over 14 hours a day 7 days a week?!

4) Anti dust mites
Dust mites and wool are not friends. Dust mites love humid environment and we established that wool is breathable and doesn't retain heat or moisture, so that leaves only synthetic products for them really! This is really important to know as New Zealand has such a high preverance of allergies and Asthma with almost 1 in 7 being diagnosed with Asthma! More information on Asthma in New Zealand here

PS: Asthma is not diagnosed until age of 3 and up but prevention can be put in place prior to that age.

5) Anti bacterial
Unlike many synthetic fabric, wool can be freshened by just airing out in the sun.Most synthetic/man-made fabrics retain moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacterial which not only affects the physical heath of bub but also can cause bad odour...! The fatty acids in the wool fibers actually have antibacterial properties.


Did I just make you fall in love with our naturally sourced product- WOOL?! I sure hope so. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Let's get supporting our New Zealand farmers, environment, sheep anddd our babies! They are our future after all :)

Ta for now


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