What is our CocoonMe™ made out of?

The outside of the bed which comes in contact with our little ones' skin, is made out of 100% certified organic cotton fabric that has been dyed using low impact dye. Organic cotton is a safer option for the farmers, babies and environment. It is great for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, breathable and soft. Perfect fabric for our little ones! No toxins or pesticides were used during the production process. You can be sure that your baby is not breathing in any toxic chemicals.

On the inside of our CocoonMe™, we use New Zealand wool. Why wool? Because it is safe, natural, hypoallergenic, flame retardant and super breathable. It has an insulating property that will keep your babies warm in winter but it can absorb and give off moisture to keep them cool during the summer months. The wool we use has been carded and cleaned. It is super light, making it easy to carry anywhere. A perfect infant portable play/chill space for you and your baby.

In our new range which launched February 2018, we have used 85% NZ wool and 15% PLA fibres. PLA fibres are natural corn fibres that have been processed to be used in products instead of plastic fibres. We are using this to help decrease the amount of offshedding by the 100% wool in our beds in our previous range. PLA is still a natural resource that is breathable and does not "offgas" or release toxic chemicals to you and your baby.

What's more? Wool is anti-dustmites. Dust-mites are major causes of Asthma and allergies.

Please note that when you receive your cocoon, you will be able to smell a mild wool smell on the cocoon. This is because our product has not been treated with any harsh chemicals. Simply dry it flat on the line to air out the smell for a few hours before use.

Care Instructions

  • DO NOT soak.
  • DO NOT machine wash.
  • DO NOT tumble dry.
  • Spot clean with damp cloth and leave flat to dry completely.
  • Wipe down and air product in sun before use and regularly.
  • If needed, hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry completely. Wool may need massaging after. Dry-cleaning is RECOMMENED.

Due to the nature of our fabric and stuffing, we recommend spot cleaning. Using a wet cloth and mild detergent to gently clean the spot needed.

We understand that this is a baby product so it is bound to get wet, or vomitted on to the point of no amount of spot cleaning will do. So on those odd occasions, you can hand wash with cold water and wool detergent and dry flat on the line outside. We highly recommend drycleaning. Please remember not to soak it for too long or the wool will felt together.Once dried, you can gently massage the mattress into shape if needed.

Wool is not only anti-dustmite but also has an antifungal and antibacterial properties due to the lanolin in the wool so don't worry your baby is sleeping in a clean safe space. No need to wash it as often as other beddings due to these properties. Just let it air out in the sun regularly. Less laundry = perfect for parents with newborns! 

How Do I Place An Order?

Our online store is set up. You can pay via your credit cards, OXIPAY (layby option), or paypal. If any issues, please feel free to message us online via email, contact form on our website or our social media links.. Once payment is processed, we will get our CocoonMe™ to you ASAP because we know babies don't wait for no one;)

For Laybys, these are not available on Preorders, but you can order your  CocoonMe using OXIPAY option which will allow you to receive your parcel straightaway without having to wait to pay it all at once. Payments from you to OXIPAY will be made over a 4 week period.

Payment & Shipping

We ship using GoSweetSpot track & trace. The rate is calculated upon checkout depending on your postal address. The good news is, we also ship internationally! Just contact us and ask if any issues, we can sort out shipping for you!


We only want the best for our babies so we would like to only provide the best of the best. We check every single CocoonMe™ before we post, for any loose threads, buckle working in good order, everything intact etc but if there is anything that you may be unhappy with, please let us know.

We love to hear feedbacks from our families so that we can constantly improve and make the world a better place for your babies.


Please follow these instructions to ensure your baby or toddler are safe in CocoonMe:

  • Child’s head MUST be positioned at the head end of CocoonMe / CocoonMe Toddler. The clips are always at the foot end.
  • Only place CocoonMe /CocoonMe Toddler on FLAT, FIRM, and STABLE surfaces.
  • FALL HAZARD: To prevent death or injury, ALWAYS keep your baby within reach. You never know when a baby will learn to roll.
  • Direct supervision is recommended and required while using this product.
  • Do NOT use the product if it is damaged or faulty.
  • As babies can move between the CocoonMe/ CocoonMe Toddler and any side structures, there is a risk of suffocation. Please keep the product away from vertical structures, walls and contained areas.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: We encourage you to use common sense when using our product. If your toddler or baby is harmed because the product is misused we cannot take responsibility.

**DISCLAIMER: Using intuition and common sense when using our product is important and strongly encouraged as we cannot take responsibility if the product is misused. We cannot claim that nothing will ever happen to your baby in our product, this is impossible for any product in the market. Please use your commonsense, intuition, judgement and love when using this product.**